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Our innovative technology knows how to simplify all video and audio content according to linguistic simplicity with the help of artificial intelligence. Linguistic simplicity is a method of making information accessible to people with language comprehension difficulties and is accepted in many countries worldwide.

At the end of the process, our technology knows how to extract an audio file in dubbing format plus subtitles and encode it directly to the original file. It allows anyone with language and comprehension difficulties to choose simple language, understand the text, and feel equal in society.

Our Solution

ASAT revolutionized the way content is consumed in the digital and streaming.

ASAT technology reduces the structural complexity of content (video, voice, websites) automatically while trying to preserve its meaning and information content.

ASAT team uses its professional skills in linguistic simplification,

in AI and NLP to make all content understandable to all people.

Video & Audio simplification - automatically Converting by coding new lower linguistic level dubbing on the video• Text simplification - automatically converting new

lower linguistic level text on the websites

Original video
Simplified By AS AT 
Our Story

Ravit Dadon

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Tammy Margalit

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

We are Ravit Dadon and Tammy Margalit, friends and former TV producers of 20 years. Each of us has an adult family member with a cognitive disability. 

We watched our family members struggle with everyday tasks for granted, Like reading the news online or enjoying TV.

We took a mission to make any content accessible to people with language barriers of all kinds, and to improve their daily lives.

Our Team
Sigal v1.png

Dr. Sigal Uziel-Karl

Chief Science Officer

Specialist in language simplification for individuals with intellectual disabilities, consultant to policymakers.


Nadav Rajuan

Chief Technology Officer

Technological leader specializing in Machine Learning, N.L.P., A.I.,

and Big Data Analytics.


Amir Sadeh

Advisory board

Serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Hexatier acquired by Huawei. Founder and CEO of Onigma acquired by McAfee. Software engineer and holds a master's degree in business administration in marketing

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